16 April 2019

Physicians' Disability Insurance: Three Aspects to Consider

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For most high-income professionals, having disability insurance is one of the most important aspects of your financial life.
Physicians' Disability Insurance: Three Aspects to Consider

While most doctors place the emphasis and importance on having life insurance, in our opinion disability insurance is equally important, if not more so. For example, according to the 2013 U.S. Social Security Administration fact sheet, one in four of today’s 20-year-olds will become disabled before they retire.

The main risk that physicians face with not having adequate disability coverage is the potential loss of wages that would occur if they were to become disabled and unable to work. Given the time and financial commitment it requires to become a physician, it is prudent to hedge this risk with a disability policy that will help account for future lost wages in the event of a disability.

15 March 2019

4 Tax Breaks for High-Income Households

Written by Barry J. Swaim, CFP®, Posted in Blog

There are many tax deductions and opportunities designed specifically for low to middle earning households and they often have income limits built right in.
4 Tax Breaks for High-Income Households

In this article, we will look at some tax breaks for high-income households. First off, we will be defining high income as those in the 32% threshold tax bracket and up. A single filer reporting earnings of $157,500 or more and a married-couple filing jointly at or over $315,000. The new changes to the tax code could prove beneficial to everyone including high-income households in particular. In fact, families earning between $200,000 and $1 million will see their taxes drop an estimated 9%.[i] There are specific tax opportunities that are only available to higher tax brackets, for example lessening the influence of the AMT, alternative minimum tax, and changes to estate tax.  Below are 4 other tax breaks that high-income households will want to look into.

16 January 2019

Eight Things You Should Know About Your Digital Assets Before You Die

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So, you've crafted a plan for how you want your wealth, possessions and other assets to be distributed after you pass. But what happens to your digital assets?
Eight Things You Should Know About Your Digital Assets Before You Die

Think about it. Our whole lives are online--bank and investment accounts, social media profiles like Facebook and LinkedIn, shopping sites like Amazon and eBay and the list could go on and on? Have you ever considered what happens to your frequent flyer miles or your shopping rewards points in your absence? 

Studies have shown that an average American has upwards of $17,000 in digital assets. This might include domain names, rewards points, unclaimed Groupon purchases, frequent flyer miles, credit card rewards, subscriptions, pictures, hotel points and more.

30 December 2018

Are You Eligible for Student Loan Forgiveness?

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According to the latest statistics on medical student debt published by the Association of American Medical Colleges, it is estimated that 86% of graduates carry student loan debt.
Are You Eligible for Student Loan Forgiveness?

As a way to help with this large debt burden, the government created the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program or PSLF for short. If you research PSLF to get an explanation on how the program works, you will get the following summary according to the Federal Student Aid website: 

“The PSLF Programs forgives the remaining balance on your direct loans after you have made 120 qualifying monthly payments under a qualifying repayment plan while working full time for a qualifying employer”.

While it may seem easy on paper to meet the requirements--work for ten years, make payments every month, and the remaining loans are forgiven--there are common mistakes in qualifying for student loan forgiveness that can undo years of hard work and faithful on-time payments.


19 December 2018

The Tangible and Intangible Benefits of Charitable Giving

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“Every good act is charity. A man's true wealth hereafter is the good that he does in this world to his fellows.”-Moliere
The Tangible and Intangible Benefits of Charitable Giving

Incorporating charitable giving and volunteering into daily life can be a great way to bring positives to both you and your community at large. This article will discuss the benefits of charitable giving, both for well-being and taxes, as well as encourage you to do your research on how best to incorporate giving into your family traditions.

Benefits of Giving

The simple fact of it is, giving makes us feel good. It may be hard to believe, what with the 24-hour news cycles and bleak news feeds, but kindness and generosity beget more kindness. Humans are social animals, and as such, learned long ago that helping one another, using sympathy and empathy to understand outside experiences, and sharing helped everyone in the group. Success means little if there is no one to share it with after all. In fact, giving can be more pleasurable than receiving and that good feeling can help us to manage our more selfish impulses. Practicing generosity and kindness can improve relationships, at work and in life.[1] Giving lights up the pleasure centers in our brain, leaving us with a feeling of satisfaction. Studies show that generous people tend to have better health. There are also data that shows altruism may improve life expectancy.[2]


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