How Much Income Do You Need in Retirement?

Dimensional Vice President Marlena Lee, PhD, explains how her research on replacement rates can help you prepare for a better retirement outcome.

What Happens to Stocks When Interest Rates Change?

Can we predict which way stocks will move when interest rates change? Wei Dai, PhD, examined US market returns and a variety of interest rates to determine if there is an empirical relation.

Can You Predict a Good Time to Buy and Sell Stocks?

Can investors gain an edge from market timing? Jim Davis, PhD, runs more than 780 tests on data from 15 stock markets to test this theory.

Does a Declining Number of Stocks Affect the Size Premium?

New research by Dimensional examines the decline in the number of US stocks over the last two decades and whether this has implications for the size, or small cap, premium.

Empirical Work

Professor Eugene Fama and David Booth discuss the role of empirical research and the importance of determining whether what you see in the data is just a chance result or systematic.

Dimensional On Recent Market Volatility

Jake DeKinder, Head of Advisor Communication, explains why investors should view recent market declines as part of the nature of investing.

The Power of Markets

The collective knowledge of buyers and sellers helps investors harness the power of financial markets.

Building A Strong Foundation

We follow the ideals and Nobel prize-winning research of Eugene Fama and Kenneth French to engineer portfolios based in financial science.

This type of investing does not chase performance or try to predict the future. We create globally diversified, properly allocated portfolios that emphasize low-cost investments across a broad range of markets.

Understanding the Basics of the Power Market

Get an overview of the North American energy markets including how the power grid works and managing supply and demand.

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