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08 October 2019

Financial Focus | Fall 2019

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In this issue we discuss weighing the pros and cons of early retirement, considerations about term life insurance, trustees and beneficiaries and tax tips for the fall

Launching the Finances of Your Graduate

Consider the Downsides of Early Retirement

Early retirement can be a great opportunity to spend more time with family, travel, and pursue hobbies, but it’s not without significant drawbacks. At retirement, there is a significant financial adjustment. As a retiree, you shift from contributing to your retirement portfolio to steadily pulling money from your nest egg. The typical retirement age is around 65, and the average life expectancy is 85. According to the Social Security Administration, a quarter of those who reach 65 will live beyond age 90. If you retire at 65, your retirement nest egg will need to cover expenses for at least 20 to 25 years, increasing to 30–35 years if you retire at 55.

Understandably, one of the biggest concerns in retirement is outliving your money. Before considering early retirement, calculate how much will be needed to meet your desired lifestyle, including inflation and unexpected expenses. Keep in mind that early retirement results in a double whammy—you both start drawing from your portfolio and stop saving and contributing sooner.

09 April 2019

Financial Focus | Spring 2019

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In this issue we discuss financial independence, the impact of technology on financial planning and a tribute to the late John Bogle.

Launching the Finances of Your Graduate

Saving for an emergency fund is hard. Here's how to start.

  1. Tak baby steps: When just starting out, ignore the advice of three to six months savings for now. Instead, just try to save $500. If the goal feels achievable, you'll be much more motivated to get started. The momentum and feeling of success from achieving your goal will help you take the next step. Focus on getting started. Once you have saved $500, keep going!
  2. Think of it as giving the future you a loan: Imagine sitting at a table with a future version of you. Consider what emergency future you might be facing. Get specific: Have you wrecked your car? Is it a medical issue? Do you need to travel for a family emergency? Say yes to future you; drop it in your emergency fund.

01 February 2019

Financial Focus | Winter 2019

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In this issue we discuss charitable giving and financial readiness for the new year

Launching the Finances of Your Graduate

Have a Purpose

The most effective charitable giving is thoughtful and intentional. It may be helpful for you and your spouse to ask yourselves some questions that will narrow your focus, such as:
  • Do we want to give to a national or local cause?
  • Are there pressing issues in our community that we feel we can help impact?
  • Do we have any personal connections to causes, such as medical research or support for the arts?
  • Do we want to support friends or family by contributing to causes that impact their lives or fulfill their passions?
  • Do we want to support a religious organization such as
  • our church?
  • Are our charitable impulses motivated by ongoing problems such as education or homelessness, or would we rather position ourselves to react to events such as natural disasters?

25 October 2018

Financial Focus | Fall 2018

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In this issue we talk about estate planning, boomerang kids and challenges of wealth we don't always think about.

Launching the Finances of Your Graduate

Estate Planning—Just DO IT!

Pamela Khinda, CFP®, MBA
Washington, DC

Estate planning can be complex and daunting for a lot of people, and many simply deal with it by putting it off. You don’t have to be wealthy to need a will or a trust. If you die without a will, you die intestate and your local jurisdiction will determine how things are distributed. This means the fate of your assets, whether bank accounts, stocks, priceless heirlooms, or real estate, will be decided by strangers, which can make your estate more susceptible to fighting amongst relatives, friends, or even scam artists. Furthermore, dying without a will ensures that your estate will be tied up in a time-consuming and costly process; this can be mitigated with forethought and planning.

09 July 2018

Financial Focus | Summer 2018

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In this issue we discuss graduating from college and finances, 5 financial questions before marriage, the difference between a stock and a bond, and whether it is a good idea to buy a car or lease it.

Launching the Finances of Your Graduate
Launching the Finances of Your Graduate
Shared by Dave Garder, CFP®, EA - Boulder, CO

With final exams in May and June for colleges, universities and high schools, thousands have marched for their graduation ceremonies. Whatever the age of your graduate, you should introduce them to the power of the Roth IRA. More than anything, it is an incredible gift to the young with their low taxes and time on their side. With Roth IRA accounts you invest money with...

10 April 2018

Financial Focus | Spring 2018

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In this issue we discuss tax reform, smart car buying strategies, Difference between conventional and FHA loans and the effect of behavior biases on investors

Launching the Finances of Your Graduate
Tax Reform: Will Your Taxes Go Up or Down?
shared by Angela Dorsey, CFP®, MBA Torrance, CA

The Tax Cut and Jobs Act (TCJA), which was passed by Congress at the end of 2017, has certainly been a popular topic of discussion lately. Everyone wants to know if they will see a reduction in taxes, or if in fact, their taxes will go up. The short answer is: It depends!

09 January 2018

Financial Focus | Winter 2018

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In this issue we discuss asking the right questions to achieve the life you want, the importance of understanding your risk capacity, living within your means and the nitty gritty on tax liability

Launching the Finances of Your Graduate
Ready for Your Optimal Life? First, Ask the Right Questions.
shared by Frank J. Corrado, CFP®, CA | Holmdel, NJ

Remember the first time an adult you respected told you, “If you’re having a difficult time deciding what is the right thing to do — just listen to your gut. Deep down, if it’s right, you’ll feel it.”

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