Add a Ritual to Your Charitable Giving

When it comes to charitable giving, the exact amount of money we give does not necessarily define how meaningful it feels. However, the rituals we create around our giving can make a big difference.

If you do (or will start doing) most of your giving once a year, consider setting the context so you will be more mindful. Most good rituals have a beginning, middle, and end. You might start by reading an intention, for example: “Here I sit, in recognition that the world is broken and that I must help to repair it, that I have more than I need, and that others have less. I will do my duty to use what I have to repair the world and meet the needs of others as I can.” You could listen to a piece of music or even eat a special food. What symbolizes the values you hope to reflect in your giving? Perhaps you have never articu- lated why you give, what problems you see, your capacity to address them, or why you think you should give. If not, maybe that is worth exploring. You can explore through conversation, reading, art, or some other way. Whatever way you choose, your giving will be more valuable as you develop a giving vision and consider its importance to you.


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